10 Things Car Owners Should Do to Maintain Their Car – Work Flow Management

hould do to maintain their vehicles. This can be accomplished by motorists without need to have a car service. These are included:

1. Making sure that the windshield has a complete reservoir for the wipers to keep the front of the window clear while driving.

2. Make sure to change your windshield wipers regularly since they may wear out as time passes and can cause problems with case cleaning.

3. Inspect your motor oil, and replace or refill it when needed. It’ll keep the engine well-oiled and increase the car’s efficiency.

4. Make sure you check your tire pressure especially when you own a car without automatic sensors. As with oil, efficiency in fuel increases when the tires have the right pressure of pounds for each square inch (psi).

5. Learn to change an oily tire. It doesn’t matter if this is part of your AAA membership or your car insurance.

6. Chargers for portable devices and jumper cables can be used to boost the charge of your battery. If you want to charge your battery properly it is important to understand where the black and red cables are to be placed.


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