An Interview with The Moving Experience CEO Renita Charrlin

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We recently had the pleasure to interview Renita Charrlin, CEO of The Moving Experience. During the discussion, we learned a bit about the CEO and the business she helped to create.

Why did you decide to start your company, The Moving Experience?

Renita Charrlin: Ultimately, we wanted to assist recruiters, corporations, and transferees manage the corporate relocation process more efficiently.

Can you describe your business to us and what you can do to help people involved in the process of corporate relocation?

Renita Charrlin: The Moving Experience provides tax protection breaks and services to individuals who are involved in corporate location. We cater to a variety of clients, including corporations, transferees and recruiters.

How did you find your niche?

Renita Charrlin: As a professional with many years of experience in both real estate and human resources, I found this to be a space where no one has gone before.

Have the internet and advances in technology impacted how you conduct your business at all?

Renita Charrlin: The Moving Experience utilizes a uniquely designed web presence, as well as a full customized services application to automate buying, selling and other moving processes that transferees will need to pursue.

Where do you see The Moving Experience in the next five years? Do you plan to add any new services?

Renita Charrlin: The Moving Experience hopes to gradually add more and more services over the next five years, until it becomes the go to authority in the world of corporate relocation. We want to be the best in the business!

Finally, how do you go about marketing your The Moving Experience?

Renita Charrlin: We are pursuing a content marketing strategy, offering practical tips to recruiters and transferees that can help them to get through the process. We are also excited to be launching and running a detailed social media campaign to complement it!

Renita Charrlin is the CEO of The Moving Experience, a company that is dedicated to bringing relief to those facing the complex task of corporate relocation. Anyone interested in learning more about the services offered by The Moving Experience are welcome to visit online at Get more on this here:

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