Are Extended Warranties a Scam? – Fast Car Video

People want to safeguard their cars and may think that an extended warranty might be an ideal idea. But would it be worth it? The video on YouTube “Why Not to Buy an Extended Car Warranty (Scam)” is a good explanation of why it’s best to not waste your money. You can read more about it here.

A lot of salespeople push customers to get the extended warranty, but it’s more beneficial for customers to just keep the initial warranty that the new vehicle comes with. If you’re wondering how sellers insist on the extended version this is the solution. This is the only money required. There is a rumor that sellers get customers to buy the extended warranty, they get almost 50% commission on the whole insurance policy.

It means that a portion of what that you have to pay for these deals goes directly to the seller. That means the 50% you spend on vehicle insurance’s value is lower. Naturally, salespeople need to promote this because it’s a huge benefit to their company. The opposite is for the customer. There are many things not covered under warranty. Be sure to read all the information.

For more information about extended warranties scams, can view the remainder of the video. e2sr32uvxs.

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