Are You Writing Captivating Press Releases? Three Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Content

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Did you know that about 80 million people receive their daily news online? Statistics like this illustrate why it can be useful for businesses to issue press releases about their products or services to multiple distribution sites. Doing so can help improve search engine rankings, attract the interest of customers, positions businesses as experts in their industry, and capture the attention of the 65 percent of journalists who look to the internet for news to report on. Here are three tips for creating great press releases.

1. Think like a consumer, act like a journalist

The goal of your press release is to generate interest. The right place for ad copy is your company website and associated advertising, not your press release. Think about what facts, current events, and statistics surrounding your company would interest the average reader. Write like a journalist, which is to say, seemingly unbiased. Avoid using words like We or Us, and concentrate on creating engaging, interesting content.

2. Publish on a regular basis

Consistency is often key in building audiences and maintaining good online PR news about your company. Every day after an article is published, it gets pushed further and further back into the internet. Make the most of your content by publishing frequently, and across a spectrum of applications. You probably know to publish to all the top free press release services, but what about your Twitter? Facebook wall? Email list? Keep it circulating.

3. Make the most of free press release services

The difference between paid and free press releases is how much traffic a site can show it will get you. Instead of paying one site, you can instead simply distribute your content to multiple syndicating sites for the same traffic effect. Change your title each time, since the latest updates to the Google algorithm try to decrease the importance of syndication, and titles are one thing it evaluates in deciding if material is repetitive for search engines.

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