Cell Towers How Do They Work? – Martod

Each phone call you make to the phone’s number is bone. In the absence of the technology for communications mobile phones can be described as a paperweight. Are you curious about what happens to your phone’s connection after hitting Send? This video will provide you with a trip of a cell tower that is well hidden and will show you how it works.

This video takes you on an excursion through one of the towers that are hidden in the church steeple. The location of the cell tower can be located in an idyllic New England village. It’s breathtaking to see. In order to ensure that transmission is secure, the cell company replaced the church’s steeple with a fiberglass version.

You can take a look at conduits running through an attic in the church, follow them into the concrete building where you will find all needed equipment to ensure continuous communication. The next stop was Mt. Washington located in NH for a glimpse at the more practical cell at the top of the mountain.

If you want to learn more about cell towersand how they are used, as well as how they’re located in places that you never would guess that this video is an absolute worth watching.


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