How is Industrial Glass Made? – Business Training Video

How glass is created, the process is very entertaining and interesting. The glass industry’s market size was US$ 228.7 billion by 2020 as per Global Market Insights, you might want to know how industrial glass is produced as part of this growing business. Read on for further details on industrial glass production.

We’ll begin with the definition of industrial glass. Industrial glass that is not crystalline is transparent or translucent. Although it is solid, it’s not considered to be a genuine solid. It is classified as a frozen liquid.

Similar to the manufacturing of custom or o rings, such as neoprene rings, nitrile O rings as well as polyurethane rings, there are multiple steps for manufacturing industrial glass. Glass used in industrial manufacturing typically has three steps.

First, there is the mixing of the raw materials. They are limestone, soda ash and sand. Blend them together thoroughly before grinding in a bowl to form a batch. The batch can then be mixed with broken glass known as cullet. This can help lower the melting temperatures of the material in the raw.

For more information on the processes that go into making industrial glass, check out the video below!


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