How to Choose the Right Window Treatments For Your Home – Shopping Magazine

h is better for your home – curtains or blinds? In this clip Mrs. Cath shares some of her experiences after two years of making windows look more beautiful in her home.

Curtains are the cheaper choice and are appropriate for the majority of windows. The curtains can be easily pulled from the bottom by animals or kids. Curtains add a lovely touch to any room, however they won’t be effective if you’re running a cooling system.

Blinds are the best option when children are playing. Venetian blinds can be too fragile and can be broken easily. Korean combination blinds are more suitable for kids and pets because they are stronger and more robust.

Window decals made of glass are offered that allow for lots of sunlight to penetrate the space. They’re beautiful, however they cannot be taken away or changed. For those who want darkness, blackout curtains let darkness to the space.

Most rooms can be covered with curtains, although there are many other alternatives available. 2qugkdyh7a.

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