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ne-luxe treehouse? Perhaps you’d prefer to unwind and refresh your body in an exclusive spa?

There is no need to spend a fortune to indulge yourself, your spouse, or your family. The cost of a vacation doesn’t need to be the most amount of money to enjoy your trip, but there are many ways to be able to afford the luxury. Here are ten methods to get a luxurious holiday within your budget.

1. Luxury Hotels, Automobile and Luxury Companies Collaboration

Find luxury hotels that have agreements with leading automobile brands to get a luxurious vacation for a fraction the price. Recently, the top automobile brands have been crossing business lanes when they have joined forces with luxury destination spots to market their brand.

The goal of these partnerships is to provide unforgettable vacation experiences for guests who enjoy a fine dining experience. Hotel chains are creating the partnerships in a range of methods. While some like Montage International and Waldorf Astoria are creating system-wide collaborations and others such as Four Seasons and Marriott leave individual hotels to forge themselves into their own partnership.

To try out new vehicles and have fun on roadstrips for a short time, many Four Seasons North American properties, Black Tomato, and Auberge Resort Collection have partnered in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz.

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