How to Restore Faded Leather Furniture – House Killer

Gets picked up. Furniture can deteriorate over time, particularly in those areas with a lot of light. Instead of replacing the worn-out furniture, you can follow our guidelines to restore your leather furniture to pristine condition.

Make sure you buy at least three shades of leather spray. It is possible to mix different leather coats and shades to achieve your best results.

Spray approximately one 1 foot away. Avoid spraying the affected part, instead, give it some light coverage. Don’t be apprehensive about catching the threads. Let the first coat dry prior to applying the next coat.

Then add more, building more darker shades as you go. Make sure your strokes are short and maintain an approximate distance of one-foot. Once you finish with the darkest layer, you can put on a sealer that will make the colour last even more.

Furniture made of leather is likely to show some signs of fading. But that doesn’t mean you should get rid of the discoloration. You can repair it within about 10 minutes by using this procedure. Simply click on the image for a short video that will show you the process.


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