How to Use Topsoil to Fix Patches in Your Lawn – Rad Center

The ard is what people are first exposed to when visiting our homes. While a beautiful lawn is something we all want however, there are certain challenges. This article will help you get your lawn back to its best. In this piece, we are going to examine how to utilize topsoil in fixing spots in your lawn.

The very first thing you need to do once you’ve got all the required topsoil to dump it over to remove any grass. To ensure that the topsoil won’t sit in one place, you can use an rake or shovel.

After the topsoil has been dispersed, you’re now ready to spread the seed. There is a need to study how much seed you need to lay down because the amount will vary from lawn to lawn. For the last step in the process, you need put the seed in the soil. This is done by using an rake or any other tool that you see fit. Seeds should be incorporated into the soil rather than just lying in the soil.


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