How to Utilize a Decorative Concrete Overlay – Home Renovation Tips and Tricks

Make an old concrete patio appear slate by applying the application of sprayed concrete. Tim hosts the show, an engineer from Decorative Concrete Virginia. Start by removing all the mold and dirt from concrete. Then, clean off any old paint. It is possible to use a HEPA vacuum and a hand grinder to complete the undertaking.

After that, then, acidetch concrete. It opens pores and makes it simpler for the overlays in concrete to stick to them. You can use either muriatic acid or phosphoric acid. Tim utilizes phosphoric acid however it is best to use the acid that is accessible. Use a pump sprayer to use the acid. When the acid is dry and is rinsed off, clean it with an air pressure washer.

After that, you’ll need to mix the layer. Put water in an empty bucket. Follow this with a color kit, mixing everything together with the help of a Collomix mixer. The color will be the grout color for the slate line. Sprinkle it onto the floor Spread it with the magic trowel and leave it overnight to set. Lay the pattern on top and apply the concrete overlay next day. This is how you can refresh and rejuvenate your patio with concrete!


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