Longacre Leadership Now Allows Teens to Bring Mobile Devices to Summer Program

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New policy aims to guide Millennial Generation toward judicious use of technological devices

Newport, PA Longacre Leadership, located in the rolling hills of central Pennsylvania, is a unique summer program that prepares ambitious teens and tweens for life long success. Today, Longacre is pleased to announce a new policy that permits participants to bring their technological devices with them to the summer leadership program so they will learn to develop good habits for using mobile technology.

Longacre Leadership knows that technology has become an integral part of life, particularly for the Millennial Generation. The teenagers of today are the first generation to have had access to mobile devices and complex computers since they were toddlers. This new policy is designed to integrate the technology that teenagers grew up with and pair it with the training that has long been offered through the Longacre program.

The summer program offered at Longacre Leadership creates opportunities for teenagers to develop responsibility, passion, direct communication and decision making. These four key skills are essential when it comes to a lifetime of success. At Longacre, leadership is taught by example, relying heavily on older, returning students to set the pace.

The Longacre Leadership summer programs emphasis on direct communication is unmatched. Since 1975, evening meetings have been the cornerstone of the program, providing teenagers with face to face communication that gives them the necessary foundation to develop their own effective communication skills.

Longacre Leadership Program Director Matthew Smith has high expectations for the newly implemented technology policy. Of the new policy, Smith said: “We expect our teens to pioneer effective strategies for those in the Millennial Generation to find balance with their technological devices.” Thanks to the new technology policy, program participants will learn how to integrate the latest technology into their leadership, decision making and overall communication.

Longacre Leadership offers a generous discount for early registration. Teenagers that are enrolled into the program prior to September 17 for the following summer will earn a 33% reduction in tuition. That percentage currently translates into a savings of $1,275, for the three week program and a savings of $2,000 for the six week program.

Longacre Leadership has been serving teenagers for close to 40 years. This program is the top rated program of its kind in Pennsylvania, and among the Top ten in the United States. Those who are interested in this program and wish to know more can visit www.longacre.com Read more. Read more here.

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  1. I thought the same thing with my son. He is so shy, and I would love for him to develop his social and leadership skills a bit.

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