Operating a Zero Turn Mower – Customer Support Portal

Make sure you take measures to safeguard your hearing. It is possible to use earphones that are over the head or ear plugs. Either one is acceptable.
Getting Started

Before beginning, be sure that the deck of your mower is in its up position. You must also make sure that your brake emergency is in the in the up position, and the handlebars are not in. If they’re not the up position, your mower won’t begin. It is also recommended to set the throttle on half way up. When all this is set, get the engine started.

How do you Control the Mower

There are four fundamental movements. To advance, you must bring the handlebars inside and push both of them simultaneously. The handlebars should be moved forward and back simultaneously. To go left, push the handlebar to the left while the right bar towards the rear. To go right, push the right bar forward and then push the left one back. The movements become easier when you keep practicing them. The speed of the mower can be also controlled. It is possible to control the speed of the mower by moving the handlebars to move it faster or slower. It is also important to know. Once you have released these handles, the mower return to the neutral position. In neutral the mower won’t move.


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