Pressing for News

In 1906, Ivy Lee collaborated with the Pennsylvania Railroad, a company that his company was working with, on ways to make sure that they were the first ones that reported the Atlantic City Train Wreck to journalists and newspapers. They did not want other versions of the story that were not from them getting into the news first. They wanted to have the biggest say in what potential customers would read about their business, so they issued the first press release.

Since then, the press release has been refined to allow businesses to get the attention of the media as efficiently as possible. Businesses look for the best free press release sites online to send their information to the media through.

Public relations and advertising departments of businesses look for the best free press release sites because it is their job to bring as much positive media attention to their company as possible. Businesses need media attention to draw in potential customers. Without good PR news, many potential clients would never know about a business.

The best free press release sites are designed to give businesses a way to report newsworthy events and achievements to the news. That is how a lot of newspapers and news channels decide what they are going to report on. The more positive news a company can get, the more their brand and products become known and recognized by the customer.

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