Tired of the Same Old Boring News on TV? Find a Press Release Site for the Most Accurate and Up to Date News You Will Get

Free online press release

You have everything that you need to become a successful news organization, including plenty of writers, reporters, editors and printers. You even have the machines and materials to print tons of newspapers for your very first edition. But where are you going to get your news? You have decided that you do not want to be just another little, local newspaper that reports on all of the same stories that the rest of the city newspapers will be reporting on. You want to branch out and provide global news as well. But how to do it?

If you wait for the big newspapers to report it, the news will be a day old, and everyone will know of it by then. But that gives you an idea. How do the big newspapers get access to this information? There is no way that they have reporters all across the globe, so they must have a source. That is it! With just a little research you can find out that there are things called press release sites. They put out these reports, like the AP press releases, that tell news organizations about all of the most recent news. This information goes right to the organizations, it is not published for the public, therefore it gives them time to write something up.

But the problem with the Associated Press, which is an incredibly valuable resource for current events and breaking news, is that you have to pay for your subscription to their news wire service. How can you afford to pay for that subscription when you have pleaded with all of your workers to volunteer their time until profits start coming in?

That is where free online press release service comes into play. There are those organizations or individuals who are in the business to impart the news, not to make a profit, and so they provide a free press release service. Without having to pay for a subscription, but still getting updated, current news, your newspaper can give any of the other city newspapers a run for their money. In fact, with free online press releases, your newspaper can even rival the big time names, because you will be working with some of the same information, and you can go head to head in news distribution.

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