Understanding Dock Levelers – The Buy Me Blog

is important to understand how dock levelers work so that when you need to do your own maintenance it is clear what you need to do. If you encounter an issue with your dock leveler, repairs are there. Doing your own maintenance can go a long way in helping you. In this short video, you will learn everything you require to understand about the way dock levelers operate. Security tips and advice will be offered to aid you. There are hydraulic and spring-loaded dock levelers. Make sure to follow all the rules and regulations.

It’s crucial to ensure for you to make sure that whenever you are doing anything that requires your dock levelerthat ensure that you have the safety bars in place. It prevents your dock from falling over you. You should also wear your hard hat. In the video, you will learn how the leveler works. It uses a ratcheted system to make it move up and not go downwards. Pulling the chain allows the springs to lift the leveler.


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