Using the Best Free Press Release Distribution Websites as Part of an SEO Strategy

Event press release

The best free press release distribution sites might be great for businesses looking to announce upcoming events, breaking news, or new product releases, but these websites can also be used to help increase search engine ranking.

Search engine ranking is important because it is what helps drives Internet users to a specific website. The higher a website ranks on major search engines, the more traffic a website will receive. Search engine rank is determined by a number of factors including frequency of updates on the website, number of indexed pages, and number of backlinks that lead back to the main page of a website.

The best free press release distribution sites can help increase search engine ranking by creating multiple backlinks and indexed pages for a website. When properly formatted, a press release that appears on these free press releases sites will have a link that leads back to the main website of the business. This link on the free online press release website is viewed by a search engine as an organic backlink, which can help increase the ranking of a website.

There are two ways a business can submit press releases to the best free press release distribution sites. The first way is by manually submitting the press release to the press release websites. Manually submitting press releases to these websites requires the submitter to create an account on each press release website and follow a strict format for the layout of the press release. This can take considerable time and energy.

The second way to submit press releases to the best free press release distribution sites is to use the services of a press release distributor. A press release distributor is able to take a single press release and submit it to a long list of press release sites with just one click of the mouse. These distributors do all the account creating for the websites, formatting of the press releases, and linking back to the website.

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