Welding 101 – Car Talk Podcast

the filler materials as well as heat. Welding requires a unique set of technical capabilities that requires welder education. Steve Christena from Arc Academy, Chicago walks you through the steps of welding its advantages and disadvantages, and guides you through what you should do. The YouTube video titled “Welding Basics For Beginners”.

MIG welding, which makes use of the absence of slag as well as shielding gas It is just one of the welding processes that have been found. This gas is used to join aluminum, stainless steel and steel. Furthermore, it’s safe and is best used indoors.

In the second, stick welding can be described as a flux-based technique. It only works on heavy metals. It is used outdoors when welding iron and steel.

TIG welding can be a final alternative. It produces gorgeous, premium welds. Though it’s not easy to work with however, TIG welding is able to use with any type of metal.

The selection of a welding method will be determined by the type and quantity of metal to be to be welded. It all depends on the type and nature of your welding work. tu4qzwaiac.

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