Where Should You Install Fire Extinguishers in Your Home? – CEXC


Locate where fire extinguishers should be stored in your house.

The presenter, a fire chief, explains that the first and most essential thing to take into consideration is the presence of fire extinguishers that are installed in locations where food items are prepared. After that, the homeowner is advised to consider areas where there is the greatest risk. This could include places where dangerous and explosive chemicals are kept, as well as locations where a flame could cause the most harm.

An incident with a fire could be disastrous in the presence of another person in the area the fire is going on. Extinguishers for fires must be easily accessible to residents as well as visitors. Extinguishers can be hidden in places like the kitchen sink. This would not be beneficial for a babysitter who was looking after the children as a flame began to rage. Every second counted according to the video.

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